Meet the Newport family. They are the 1950's family who inhabits the Lustron home inside the 1950's Building the American dream exhibit. 

Dotty's Corner: Dotty is the quintessential American wife and mother of the 1950s.  She is always looking for that perfect gift, from something to help her take care of her family and all of the many chores around the house or all of the fashions of the time.  Visit Dotty's corner and see some of her special items.   Stop by Dotty's Corner

Bob's place: Bob's family is his pride and joy.  He is a good breadwinner, a loving husband and a devoted father.  He also finds time for following his favorite sports teams, learning more about his new Lustron home and helping out with special projects around the home. Visit Bob's Place and see what items interest him.   Visit Bob's Place

Jimmy's Toybox: Jimmy is the all-American little boy.  He loves playing ball with his Dad and keeping up with the newest adventures of The Lone Ranger and Roy Rogers.  Most of all, as any kid of the 50s, he loves his toys.  Visit Jimmy's Toybox for just some of his favorite toys.  Look inside Jimmy's Toybox