Thus Fell Tecumseh
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Thus Fell Tecumseh
by Frank E. Kuron

"Rumpsey-dumpsey, Rumpsey-dumpsey, Colonel Johnson killed Tecumseh!" Did he really? Such was the slogan craftily used by Richard M. Johnson's campaign strategists to win him the vice-presidency of the United States in 1836, but . . . If you enjoy solving a real mystery, the death of Tecumseh is a classic in the annals of American history. How this great Shawnee Chief fell at the Battle of the Thames in 1813, and by whose hand, has been the subject of debate for almost two hundred years. Between the covers of this book are quotes from over one hundred and sixty people who had something to say about this event. If their stories agreed with each other there would be no mystery - but they don't! Political interests, friendships, family, honor, glory, and even simple misinterpretations have colored these accounts. You are the one challenged to separate fact from fiction. Can you do it? The Northwest Territory wasn't secured for the Americans until Tecumseh fell along the Thames River. Before you arrive at this battleground to review his demise, march along with the participants, learn of the hardships they faced and gain insight into the preliminary battles they had to fight - all from their own words. In the process you'll acquire a new appreciation for the character, courage and determination of all the men involved in acquiring the frontier lands of 1813 for their respective nations; be they British, Indian, American or Canadian.

Published January 14, 2011, 352 Pages, Softcover

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