Zane Grey's The Thundering Herd
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"One of the most gripping and most poignant of Zane Grey's portrayals of how the white man's greed nearly exterminated the buffalo and reduced the Plains Indians to starvation." Loren Grey, from the foreword

Tom Doan joins the buffalo hunters going into the Southwest's inhospitable Staked Plain. Seeing huge herds there, he thinks of getting rich off their hides. He proves efficient as a skinner, and what follows is almost a literal baptism in sweat and blood. Fighting the Comanches and Kiowas, some unscrupulous white hunters, and his own conscience, he ages fast- all the faster in facing obstacles to love's consummation with Milly. She, like Tom, is in constant danger from every side. Finally, they can be united in mind and body only if he agrees to her one condition.

The Thundering Herd, originally published in 1925, is Zane Grey's great lament for the passing of the buffalo. Grounded in the author's sense of western history, it shows in no uncertain terms how white men were debased by the wanton destruction of the herds.

Loren Grey, in a foreword to this authorized edition, recalls the popular reception of his father's famous novel.

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