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The Face in the Window
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 Chris Woodyard, author of the popular Haunted Ohio series brings you a scrapbook of Victorian hauntings and horrors.
This collection of ghostly and ghastly stories from Ohio's dark past includes haunting and historical tales of spook lights, cemetery wraiths, Women in Black, ghostly faces etched in window glass, and fire-bug poltergeists.
These long-lost (and all-new) tales, resurrected from archives and newspapers still have the power to terrify.
The first in a series: The Ghosts of the Past.
1. Snapshot of a Ghost: Spirit Photos, Women in White, and Haunted Bridges
2. The Face in the Window: Strange Images in the Glass
3. That Hellbound Train: Headless Conductors and Train Wreck Horrors
4. Rock, Fire, and Scissors: The Mysterious Poltergeist
5. The Death-Bed Promise: Revenge Beyond the Grave in Coshocton
6. Great Balls of Fire: Spook Lights and Mystery Lights
7. The Awful Fate of a Mercer County Blasphemer: The Pinnacle of Prevaricating Perfection
8. A Cat Named Death: Cemetery Spirits, Omens of Death, and Curious Cadavers
9. A Family Bewitched: The Hoffman Poltergeist of Wooster
10. Death in Black Silk: Ohio s Women in Black
11. The Horrors: Vampires, Madness, and a Haunted Morgue
12. The Babe in the River: The Ghosts of Murder
13. Haunted by Fire: A Fire-Spook in Springfield

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