Roadside Geology of Ohio
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Ohio's bedrock reveals a rich story of the ancient landscapes and animals that existed thousands to hundreds of million of years ago. Fluctuating seas full of marine life, widespread floodplains and rivers choked with sediment, and mile-thick ice sheets from the north all shaped Ohio's present landscape. Ohio's geologic tale also has a human side. Native Americans fashioned flint spear points; oil, gas, and coal fueled several economic booms; sandstone and limestone built communities and thriving economies. The 25 road guides of Roadside Geology of Ohio lead from one corner of the state to the other-from the flat till plains of the west to the hilly eastern Allegheny Plateau, and from the Ohio River valley to the Lake Erie shoreline-revealing the Buckeye State's fascinating and dynamic geology.

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Roadside Geology of Ohio

Roadside Geology of Ohio
SKU:  201268
Price: $24.00

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