"Remember December 7th!" Poster
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"Remember Dec. 7th" Poster

The Office of War Information issued this poster, "Remember Dec. 7th," in 1942. Its outwardly patriotic design sought to stimulate all Americans to increase production and mobilization for the war effort. The command to remember December 7, 1941, however, was hardly necessary as the shock of Pearl Harbor was immediate.

Posters, such as this one, helped mobilize the nation for World War II. They called for sacrifice and participation. Citizens were asked to contribute time and money, to produce products, to conserve resources, and to contribute to the war effort in personal ways. One Office of War Information official said in 1943, "We want to see posters on fences, on the walls of buildings, on village greens,...in hotel lobbies, in the windows of vacant stores...[they should shout] at people from unexpected places with all the urgency which this war demands."

Poster Dimensions: 18 x 24 inches

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"Remember December 7th!" Poster

"Remember December 7th!" Poster
SKU:  100957
Price: $5.00

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