Lost Ohio by Randy McNutt
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Lost Ohio by Randy McNutt

A fascinating look at Ohio's forgotten history.

Take a leisurely tour across the Buckeye State with author Randy McNutt to a massive swamp that swallowed pioneers' wagons, a haunted prison, a faded German utopia, a town where they still chase horse thieves, a marriage mecca, a village where Buster the dog voted Republican, and a myriad of abandoned "ghost towns" and small cities. In "Lost Ohio" McNutt, who has devoted his career to uncovering forgotten Ohio and its spirited inhabitants, continues his travels around the state in an attempt to discover vanishing traces of our lives-celebrations, motels, road art, drive-in theaters, traditions, inventions, folk tales, battlefields, and forts. His journeys rediscover missing pieces of our past that reflect a state of mind as well as a collection of landscapes. McNutt's vanishing Ohio is a place where rural America converges with small cities and fading history and disappearing culture, lost to burgeoning technology, global economy, technological immediacy, and time. He visits Fizzleville, Sodaville, and Footville; the hollow, metal globe that is the final resting place of Captain John C. Symmes, who theorized that the earth was hollow and access to the core was through the polar caps; the Mansfield Reformatory, Ohio's largest and toughest haunted house; Waynesville, home of the Ohio Sauerkraut Festival; and Harry Dearwester, the "carny" who guesses peoples' weight with 90 percent accuracy. This serious but offbeat journey around Ohio will appeal to those interested in heritage tourism, Americana, Ohio history and lore, and back roads and small-town life.

Randy McNutt is a freelance writer and editor in Ohio. He has written for numerous newspapers and magazines in Ohio throughout the U.S. His books include "Hamilton" (2005), "Too Hot to Handle: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of American Recording of the 20th Century (2003), and "Guitar Towns: A Journey to the Crossroads of Rock 'n' Roll (2002).

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Lost Ohio by Randy McNutt

Lost Ohio by Randy McNutt
SKU:  201249
Price: $16.95

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