Lincoln and Ohio
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This edition of Daniel J. Ryan's Lincoln and Ohio, a cooperative reprint by the Ohio Historical Society and Old Hundredth Press, offers a new generation of readers insight into the ties between our sixteenth president and the Buckeye State. Originally published in 1923-within the lifetime of some of Lincoln's contemporaries-this book provides fascinating detail not often found in more general treatments of Lincoln and the Civil War: depictions of the stops Lincoln made in Ohio on the way to his inaugural, the text of letters between Lincoln and various Ohio officials, and the names and hometowns of Ohio's presidential electors, for example. Also of interest are the extended treatments of speeches made-both by and to Lincoln-during his time in Ohio, of Lincoln's political battles with Dayton-area congressman Clement Vallandigham, and of the Buckeye State's memorial honors for the assassinated president.

For the twenty-first century reader, Lincoln and Ohio offers perspectives on everyday life in the 1860s, showing how the average person's experience intersected with national politics. It's an excellent complement to the "big picture" histories of the Civil War, providing the kind of detail that makes history come alive.

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