How Ohio Helped Invent the World
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How Ohio Helped Invent the World: From the Airplane to the Yo-Yo
More Than 85 Great (and not so Great) Inventions From the Buckeye State
By Curt Dalton

Nearly everyone knows that the airplane was invented in Ohio, that Buckeye born Thomas Edison thought up the light bulb, that a hat to prevent and cure baldness was created in that same great state . . .

Never heard of the hat? It's just one of many surprises that How Ohio Helped Invent the World has in store for its readers. Author Curt Dalton has combed the patent records and discovered that Ohio was responsible for numerous inventions, both great and small, including the following:

Chewing Gum  •  Barbed Wire  •  Hot Dogs  •  Revolving Toilet Seat  •  Modem Golf Ball  •  Ice Cream Cone  •  Gas Mask  •  Play-Doh  •  Automatic Traffic Light  •  Cash Register  •  Wristband Cigarette Lighter  •  Matchbook  •  Paper Milk Carton  •  Automobile Starter  •  Modem Beehive  •  Disposable Diapers  •  Junior High School  •  Teflon  •  Hamburger  •  Drinking Fountain  •  Steam Fire Engine  •  Leaded Gasoline  •  Life Savers Candy  •  Toe Holder for Sunbathers  •  Stethoscope


As an added bonus, fun and informative trivia on Ohio, as well as original patent drawings, have been included throughout the book. Sure to educate without being boring, How Ohio Helped Invent the World has been written to delight both young and old alike!

Paperback: 84 pages
Publisher: Curt Dalton (October 2001)
ISBN: 0971570205
Product Dimensions: 6.0 x 9.0 x 0.19 inches

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How Ohio Helped Invent the World

How Ohio Helped Invent the World
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