Columbus and the State of Ohio:: Cool Stuff Every Kid Should Know
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by Kate Boehm Jerome

DO YOU KNOW WHY the Ohio Village Muffins' baseball games are so special? (Hint: Their equipment bags are very light!)

WHAT other name was favored before Columbus became the city's official name? (Hint: City and state might've been confused!)

Find these answers and more in Cool Stuff Every Kid Should Know™ Arcadia Kids is a new series of fun, colorful, easy-to-read books for children ages 7-11 featuring attention-grabbing cover art, inviting conversational style content, and vivid full-color images of landmarks and geography. Parents, grandparents, and savvy shoppers will appreciate the feel good factor of purchasing books that are both fun AND educational.

Published May 2, 2011, 48 Pages, Softcover

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