Cedar Bog Symposium II: November 14, 1987.
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Cedar Bog Symposium II: Proceedings from the Meeting Held November 14, 1987 at the Ohio Historical Society
Edited by Robert C. Glotzhober, Anne Kochman, William T. Schultz

Cedar Bog is a nature preserve operated by the Ohio Historical Society. The key feature of the preserve is a relict alkaline fen, surrounded by northern white cedar, and containing numerous disjunct plant species. Cedar Bog Nature Preserve currently contains over 427 acres of land, acquired between 1942 and 1977. Nearly one fourth of this land was acquired through the help of The Nature Conservancy. The preserve is located in sections 31 and 32 of Urbana Township, Champaign County, Ohio. Cedar Bog has received recognition as a National Natural Landmark (U.S. National Park Service 1971), a dedicated State Nature Preserve (Ohio Division of Natural Areas and Preserves, 1979 and 1981), and as a National Natural Area (Society of American Foresters, 1982). Early scientific exploration of Cedar Bog included botanical studies by Milo G. Williams (1835 ff), John Samples (1836 ff) and William S. Sullivant (1839). These studies provided a base for the extensive study, which has followed.

The original Cedar Bog Symposium was held on November 3, 1973 at Urbana College. Its proceedings were edited by Charles C. King and Clara May Frederick and published by the Ohio Biological Survey as Informative Circular No.4.

The fourteen years since that symposium have seen continued research on many aspects of Cedar Bog. This research was recently augmented by grant money from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources from the income tax checkoffs for natural areas and endangered wildlife. While this research was adding valuable knowledge about Cedar Bog, two outstanding needs became apparent. Researchers from different fields needed to be able to share insights with each other, since all aspects of Cedar Bog (and any natural area) are interrelated. Such sharing could stimulate thought and suggest future research topics. In addition, this information needed to be shared with the public, especially with professional and amateur naturalists, teachers, and anyone sincerely interested in Cedar Bog.

Individuals from each of the six sponsoring agencies planned and organized a second symposium to fulfill these needs. Cedar Bog Symposium II was held at the Ohio Historical Center on Saturday November 14, 1987. After a welcome by Dr. Gary Ness, director of the Ohio Historical Society, fifteen papers were presented. Most of those papers are published here. In addition, this publication includes a greatly expanded bibliography built on the one that appeared in the proceedings of the first Cedar Bog Symposium.

Paperback: 96 pages
Publisher: Ohio Historical Society (1989)
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 11.0 x 0.25 inches

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Cedar Bog Symposium II: November 14, 1987.

Cedar Bog Symposium II: November 14, 1987.
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